23 May 2012

Solar Eclipse

Good evening everyone,
A couple nights ago, 20 May, we had the great fortune to witness the Annular Solar Eclipse. That is annular (ring shaped), and not annual... an event like this last occurred in 1994, and will again in 2023. Although we were not in the direct line so to see a perfect "ring of fire," we did experience the ephemeral beauty of the juxtaposition of our moon atop our sun from atop a white sand dune.
The four major stages of the eclipse before sun and moon set together. I took this photo (and all my photos) with a Nikon D40x that I have had for over five years now. I also used a 70-300 telephoto, a polarizing filter, and tripod. 
I also put together a short video that I took with a small Canon handheld video camera through my sunglasses. The music is "The Light" by The Album Leaf.


More later on our good fortunes and frustrations so far!
Goodnight sun and moon! - S. Des Roches


  1. That is really cool. Thanks for posting.

  2. so increadible, Simone!! did you get to see the Transit of Venus last week?? there were too many clouds in the sky over Philly so it wasn't visible at all :(

  3. I didn't... no. I saw some live footage on the NASA website but I didn't have the proper glasses or anything.

  4. so cool that you got to see the semi-eclipse. It's like the planets taking time out to talk to us in their own language when that happens.

  5. That's a beautiful thought, LLyn :)