12 May 2012

Eve before departure

Okay folks. Last year, I was a terrible terrible blogger. Fewer than a dozen posts? Really. I am going to have to shape up this field season.

Tomorrow we leave for New Mexico. In a fury we will finish packing up my little red car, Bellatrix, with her little black backpack (photographs to come) and escape the frenzy that is graduation weekend at the University of Idaho in Moscow. Tomorrow we hope to camp or, if poor weather or overly fatigued- motel, in either Montana or Wyoming. We will continue to trundle across the inland postage-stamp states, onward through Colorado into New Mexico... arriving in Alamogordo on the 15th May.

Stay tuned for a quick summary of my project, a wrap-up of last year's field season, and an introduction to this year's team.

Please tell your friends to tune in... and leave comments too! Last year I didn't realise the interest my blog had generated because I received only one comment total!

- S. Des Roches

Last year's trip through Montana

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