07 June 2011

Et. al. ~ Why my field assistants are the best ever!

Travis Morgan hiking up a dune just before sunset- pole at the ready!
Yes, it's that time. My assistants are fledging and often times out-catch me. Yesterday I sent them out alone to do some lizard noosing while I prepared a presentation for an outreach project. I sent them out with ten cages- we had only once caught ten lizards in a day before. Well. They showed me. They returned after only three hours with twelve individuals! They made an awesome make-shift cage out of a large water bottle poked with holes. 

Mikki Brinkmeyer showing off her mad noosing skills in the bushes.
So I ask myself- why do I go out at all? Why not retire in the cool apartment and wait for them to deliver the little friends to be processed and prodded? Well, turns out I need to work on my tan.

Here's to awesome field assistants!


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