30 May 2011

The Researchers

Simone Des Roches
PhD Candidate, University of Idaho
BSc. Hon., University of British Columbia
Hunter of tiny-white-dragons
Biological-mythological illustrator extraordinaire
It's my third field season studying lizards down here in White Sands, NM and I'm thrilled to be back again, digging deeper into the life of the dunes. My current project, featured in this blog, *should* be the last of my dissertation and will take this year and the next to complete... indeed, the plan is to be a real DOCTOR (of philosophy) by August 2013... when the inevitable happens and my NSERC funding runs out. If you followed the link, you will rightly conclude that I am Canadian. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, a spectacular city for someone like me. At age four I wanted to be a paleontologist and dig up the ancient reptiles. I remember asking my father if They (duh, Scientists) knew what colour dinosaurs were. And his best, most dangerous answer ever? His answer that probably put it in my mind to go to graduate school two decades later? My dad said, 'Well, Simone, They don't know that yet, but you could find out some day if you want to.' Thanks, pa. I'll surely make a living now. Way to foster my intellect. It seems fitting or ironic or something that I'm studying evolution and ecology of tiny, nearly colour-less dinosaurs... er, squamates anyway. The reptile-folk have also influenced my artwork- and if you're interested, my artwork blog can be found here.
PS. I didn't do it, but someone did. And so did others.

Travis Morgan
BSc. Biology in progress, University of Idaho
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant University of Idaho
Dunewalker Littlebeard
What’s-up people… Readin a sweet blog? That’s right! Soo, a small blurb about myself: My name is Travis Morgan. I come from the last frontier: Alaska. I attend the University of Idaho; my focus there is Biology. I am also an Undergraduate TA there, and I work in lab. My first goal here in the dunes is to survive among Shai-Hulud. I’ll keep you all posted on that… My main goals this summer are to learn as much as I can about working as a biologist in the field, observe and help the Grad students work, and finally to soak up as much knowledge about what it's like to be a Grad student; because I’ll be in those shoes some day soon. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be writing here some time in the future, so until then… Peace.

Michaela Brinkmeyer
BSc. Conservation Biology in progress, University of Idaho
Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Idaho
Investigatory Lizard Finder
Hello everyone, 
My name is Michaela Brinkmeyer, but you can call me Mikki. I am just starting my journey to becoming a student of Biology. This is the end of my first year at the University of Idaho and the beginning of my first field experience!  I grew up in Boise, Idaho, the city of trees. Growing up in the West sparked my love of the outdoors from the beginning. My earliest memory is of Yellowstone National Park; I remember looking out our car window to find a moose with her newborn calf bathing at the edge of a lake front. I immediately fell in love with the relationship between wildlife and the natural world. This moment only lasted a few seconds in my mind, but has heavily influenced my interest in Conservation, Ecology and Biology. I have always held a deep appreciation for all forms of life; tree-hugger, bunny-lover, lizard-fanatic, call me anything you want! I fit all of those stereotypes and much more...I'm excited to start working, scouting out our little lizard friends.

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  1. Love it Simone! Looks like you have a good crew :)